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TACStrike (2013)

This is an action game where the goal is to get to the end of the level, avoiding or killing enemies on the way.

  • Genre: Stealth Action/Adventure
  • Engine: none (based on SGScript/sgs-sdl framework/sgs-audio libraries)
  • Art software used: GIMP

My role in this project:

  • Game design
  • Programming (including engine upgrades and maintenance)
  • Art direction and production of assets
  • Level design
  • Music production

Notable achievements:

  • Implemented a 2D navmesh pathfinding solution that does not erode edges for a specific character size but instead applies the offsets during runtime path generation.
  • Developed a fast lightmap renderer with fast fake ambient occlusion.
  • Developed a way to specify rooms as rectangles that would be processed with CSG to generate wall collision data.

External resources:

  • Seamless textures and source images
  • Original recordings of various sound effects


Development screenshots

Gameplay video

Original soundtrack