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SGRX Engine (2015-)

SGRX Engine is the latest engine I've worked on, still largely driven by experimental efforts but has been stabilizing from the middle of 2016 and through 2017. It started with the intention to convert TACStrike (2013) into a 3D title. It has since been used as the foundation for 7 more or less finished games and a few more unfinished projects.

While work on it went rather quickly, the expected feature set was never really pinned down, leading to frequent changes in direction. The original CSG-based workflow is being dropped in favor of a more WYSIWYG-oriented one that would allow to utilize external model editors more. The experimental minimal-allocation inline UI was replace in the middle of 2016 with the "dear imgui" library with minor changes and a thin wrapper on top of that. The 2D rendering capabilities have been largely unchanged throughout the engine's lifetime.

Games using SGRX Engine